"shouldn't we stop them?" "that's like trying to stop the tide.."

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For all the Ash x Misty supporters!

"that's like trying to stop the tide"
This is satokasucastle, a place where all fans of this couple unite together and keep our awesome flame alive. If you happen to like Ash and Misty as a pairing, then join up, and start posting! No need to be shy! :D This community is a relaxing spot for all Pokeshippers (supporters of Ash & Misty's relationship) to talk&discuss about the two, share fanworks, & of course be on shipcrack (the good kind man!). Before joining, please see the rules&faq. kasu & ddchan are the mods here so better listen to them or else expect us to lol like hell & ban ya. Art is by the fantastic teppo pepper, banner by kasu, & quotation above is said by Brock, episode Pokemon Fashion Flash. Enjoy your time here~
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