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Nov. 22nd, 2007 | 10:15 pm
feeling: accomplished
posted by: kasumisukimix in satokasucastle

Welcome to the Rules&FAQ for short! If you're wondering about something regarding Ash and Misty, then you might find your answer here whether you're new here or just want to check something. Feel free to ask a question, and I'll answer as soon as I can. ♥

1. All new members may introduce themselves if desired. Feel free to tell us why you love Ash and Misty!
2. All entries are to be tagged so everyone can find everything without problems. It helps a lot, trust me.
3. No bashing, flaming, or trolling are allowed here. Please be mature.
4. Anything that is not yours must be linked to the original creator. Don't know how to credit? Ask away.
5. Affiliates are welcome as long as they relate to Pokemon pairings only. Please state the name of your community, a short description, and a link.
6. You're feel to support other pairings, but you must like Ash and Misty, too.
7. If you have any suggestions, please post. Ideas are welcomed. Be creative!
8. Please enjoy being here as much as possible! That is the whole point of this community.

1. I've heard about Ash and Misty being refered to Pokeshipping, ANML, and other terms. Could you explain?
Pokeshipping is a term that is basically sort of a compound word. Poke is short for Pokemon, while shipping comes from the word relationship. As for ANML, it stands for Ash and Misty Love. Sometimes you might see ANMNR at the end, which stands for Ash and Misty Romance Novel. Other terms for them are satokasu [sato is short for Ash's Japanese name Satoshi and kasu is short for Misty's Japanese name, Kasumi], Gakishipping [a less known version which translates to Bratshipping since Team Rocket refer to them as gakis in the Japanese version], Sakashipping [an even less popular name for Ash and Misty], Sushishipping [again, an unpopular name for Ash and Misty], Trainershipping [yet another unpopular name for Ash and Misty], Twerpshipping [another name], Andrewsshipping [another name (Seriously, where do people come up with these names?! xD)], and Bikeshipping [another name that is quite uncommon but not as rare].

2. It's rumored that Misty will return. Is it true?
It hasn't been comfirmed on my account, so no sadly. However, Misty does make cameos throughout the new seasons. The latest cameo we have of her is when Ash fishes with the mini Misty lure she sent him. I'll be glad to alert everyone if anything comes up.

3. What are some good Ash and Misty websites?
Miyabic Room is the heaven for any supporter of Ash and Misty. You will instantly love her fanart, they're beautiful and will make you drool for hours. Her website is in Japanese, which is a little confusing at first, but after time, it becomes a piece of cake to nagivate around.
Teppo Pepper is another wonderful artist who draws Ash and Misty as well as many other shippings, so you're bound to find something you like. Her website is also in Japanese. A little harder to navigate around, but it's definitely worth seeing her art.
Love Power is a developing site which focuses on Ash and Misty along with other shippings, too. Their style is very nice and creative! The site is pretty easy to nagivate around, which is always a plus for anyone who has little knowledge of Japanese.
Leafy has a portion of her website dedicated to Ash and Misty, too! It's a little hard to find, though. She draws them pretty differently than your usual artist, but I assure you that it is excellent. Also, if you love the pokemon in general, then you're in for a real treat.

4. May I advertise this community in my profile, and/or in another community?
In your profile, sure thing! Feel free! The more people who know As for another community, I wouldn't suggest it unless it's your own. xD

5. Are there any rules about extremely explicit art [hentai, porn]? Do doujinshi count?
Fow now, I would say that it is best not to show any of this at all for the sake of younger members. Sorry! As for doujinshi, I'm debating about that issue since many pairing communities do allow NC-17 doujinshi as long as there are warnings. But anyways, for now, no hentai or porn until further notice, please.

6. What about fanfiction consisting of deeply detailed sexual relations [lime/lemon]?
Yes, this genre of fanfiction is allowed. Please remember to put it under a LJ Cut! If you do not know what a lime is, it is a fanfic that does contain mature themes [heavy kissing, making out, etc.], but often skips the sex scene although it is inclined that the characters are going to have such relations. As for a lemon, just think of it as extremely explicit writing of sexual scenes, meaning that it does go through the sex scene unlike the lime. Just please remember put in a warning of your fanfic contains any of this, okay?

7. Do I have to tag a new entry I make? Why?
It would really help if you did, so yes, this is a must. It will help everyone be able to find a certain entry one is looking for. If your entry is not tagged, then it will not appear under any of the tags. All entries are to be tagged any of the following that relates to your entry: 
- affiliates *
- anime music videos [relating to Ash and Misty of course]
- drabbles [small pieces of writing/fanfiction such as 500 words or less]
- fanart [please credit the artist if you did not make the fanart]
- fanfiction [longer pieces of writing; think of a story]
- fanmix [fanmade albums that relate to Ash and Misty]
- frequently asked questions [faq] *
- graphics [animations, banners, headers, icons, wallpapers, etc.]
- hint list *
- mod post *
- music [from the anime of Pokemon]
- requests [you may ask for fanart, episodes, screenshots, fanfiction, anime music videos, websites, or anything else you think relates]
- scans [from magazines, articles, or from the manga (doujinshi counts as well)]
- screenshots [from the anime]
* indicates that this tag is only used for your fellow moderator.
Even if you forget to tag, I will remind you with a comment to do so next time.

8. What happens if anyone breaks the rules?
Good question. Well, here's a little countdown.
one. You will recieve a comment with a warning on the entry if you failed to follow the rules.
two. I will personally speak to you privately. Hopefully, I won't have to do this.
three. A ban, depending on which rule was broken. Don't make me do that, please.

9. Could I affiliate with you?
Well, sure thing! Just comment on this entry, please. Thanks!

If you have any more questions, suggestions, and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to post. I will be happy to answer. Thank you! ♥

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