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Team Ash v Team Misty

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Apr. 27th, 2009 | 08:38 pm
feeling: hopeful
music: "Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby" by Javier Navarrete
posted by: ilcocoabean in satokasucastle

And our contest begins this Friday! Sign-ups begins now and rules are below. Also proper credit is due to the community that inspired this challenge: batmanjoker.

The Premises
This challenge will host a biweekly prompt that can be interpreted through icons, fanart, fanfic, drabbles, and fanvids. Each Team bases his or her own submissions on the Team character they're part of in this case Ash or Misty. However participants are not limited to that they are also allowed to pull in characters that are most close to Ash or Misty. For example if you're part of the Ash team you can also include Pikachu, Delia, Gary etc. (A list of neutral characters will be made and posted soon)

This challenge would be competitive of course but neither team is actually going to win anything. It's all for the glory! fun and from experience I think it helps a great deal with characterization and creativeness. The person who racks up the most points for his or her team though definitely gets a banner with their name on it so there you go.

  • One fic of 500 words = 1 point, one fic of 1,000 words = 2 points, one fic of 1,500 words = 3 points and so forth. Chaptered fanfics are valued in the same way.
  • One piece of fanart = 1 points, Two pieces of fanart = 2 points, Three pieces of fanart = 3 points and so forth.
  • One distinct icon = 1 point, Two distinct icons = 2 points, Three distinct icons = 3 points and so forth. Differently cropped icons of the same image = .5 points each
  • One fanvid = 2 points, Two fanvids = 4 points and so forth.*

Round 1: May 2nd - May 16th
Round 2: May 16th - May 30th
Round 3: May 30th - June 13th
Round 4: June 13th - June 27th
Round 5: June 27th - July 11th
Round 6: July 11th - July 25th
Round 7: July 25th - August 8th
Round 8: August 8th - August 22nd
Round 9: August 22nd - September 5th
Round 10: September 5th - September 19th

When posting please, include in the subject line "Round X - (Fanfic/Fanart/Icon/Fanvid) - Title." For example: "Round 1 - Fanfic - Soledad". This will make it easier for readers and the mods to discern between challenge submissions and regular fic.

If you have already signed up for a team, that is your team for the rest of the challenge, you can't change it unless you give us a proper reason. Keep in mind you must tag your entries properly with your team name otherwise you're making it hard for us to rack up the points and decide which team is our winner.

Team Ash

Team Misty

*Fanvids would be of more point value because I know from experience how difficult it is to edit and find footage for vids.

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just another girl~ ♥

(no subject)

from: kasumisukimix
date: Apr. 28th, 2009 01:21 am (UTC)

So pimping this. :D

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Trees. They are us.

(no subject)

from: ilcocoabean
date: Apr. 28th, 2009 01:22 am (UTC)


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