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Prompt Lists

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Apr. 24th, 2009 | 01:45 pm
feeling: working
music: "Till Kingdom Come" by Coldplay
posted by: ilcocoabean in satokasucastle

Here is the list of prompts for your inspirational needs. You need NOT complete the entire table. These tables are merely meant to help the writers or the artists hanging around that need some inspiration. Prompts will have tags as they're filled. Have fun writing!

List #1: General prompts
001.Crush 002.Sinner 003.Trick 004.Lover 005.Goodnight
006.Slipping 007.Liar 008.Dense 009.Closer 010.Pretty
011.Innovative 012.Rock 013.Self 014.Punish 015.Hurt
016.Lace 017.Cookie 018.Loop 019.Reversal 020.Flesh
021.Breath 022.Game 023.Training 024.Fun 025.Pain
026.Crazy 027.Heart 028.Bullet 029.Machine 030.Socks
031.Pressure 032.Wonderful 033.Idiotic 034.Demand 035.Hug
036.Whisper 037.Horror 038.Encounter 039.Empty 040.Full
041.Hope 042.Maybe 043.Flight 044.White 045.Black
046.Fall 047.Destination 048.Exploration 049.Home 050.Journey
051.Perfect 052.Day 053.Night 054.Purse 055.Cheeseburger
056.Money 057.Center 058.Water 059.Fear 060.Dress
061.Giggle 062.Knowledge 063.Away 064.Before 065.After
066.Teddy-bear 067.Blue 068.Hat 069.Walk 070.Shout
071.Loss 072.Win 073.Trail 074.Road 075.Bed
076.Music 077.Time 078.Exercise 079.Stars 080.Sky
081.Fairy-tale 082.Two 083.Gravity 084.Destiny 085.Curl
086.Ball 087.Will 088.Fix 089.Purity 090.Disgrace
091.Affection 092.Presents 093.Rose 094.Anniversary 095.Forever
096.Relationship 097.Follow 098.Lead 099.Mine 100.Yours

List #2: Seasons
001.Spring 002.Summer 003.Fall 004.Winter 005.Leaves
006.Snow 007.Flowers 008.Sunshine 009.Sweat 010.Ice
011.Wind 012.Rain 013.Puddles 014.Snowball 015.Growth
016.Death 017.Life 018.Renew 019.Water 020.Jacket
021.Gloves 022.Bikini 023.Swimming 024.Ice Cream 025.Yellow
026.Blue 027.Red 028.Green 029.Brown 030.Red

List #3: Holidays
001.Valentine's Day 002.Red 003.Pink 004.Chocolate 005.Flowers
006.Christmas 007.Green 008.Red 009.Tree 010.Lights
011.New Year's 012.Promises 013.Wine 014.Countdown 015.Kiss
016.April Fool's Day 017.Joke 018.Gullible 019.Mean 020.Laughter
021.Halloween 022.Scary 023.Graveyard 024.Haunting 025.Ghosts
026.Thanksgiving 027.Close 028.Food 029.Touched 030.Family

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