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The Prompt Challenge

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Jun. 24th, 2008 | 10:09 am
feeling: hopeful
posted by: ilcocoabean in satokasucastle

So onto the next challenge! Whoot this one calls for a little more creativity on your part btw but that's okay I'm sure you'll do just fine~

The Challenge: Write a fanfic, oneshot, or a drabble; draw a picture or fanart; make an icon or a wallpaper out of any of the following prompts: happiness, sadness, love, hate, truth, lie, life, or death. You can use one or two or maybe all eight.

  • Please be as IC as possible when it comes to fanficion.

  • No more than five entries please.

  • Only ONE of your works will win even if you come up with five lovely works- it wouldn't be fair to the other contestants.

  • Obviously please mind your grammar and spelling- never had a problem before but please just in case spell check twice. ^-^;;

  • I don't think anyone will plagiarize right? >D

Prizes: There will be ONE winner by Popular Vote and ONE Honorable Mention/Judger's Choice by an anonymous judge's choice that IS NOT participating for each category. which means it won't be me because I plan TO participate. ^-^;;

Um... I think it's seen that I fail miserably at banners so I'll stick with fanfiction- I have loads of PS fics over HERE at madwanderer so if you like what you see, I'll write something for you. Of course the winner can feel free to ask what pairing they want. ;D if anyone else has ideas for more prizes, please come forward and help! :O

ALSO! I decided that because I'm sure by the end of the this challenge I'll be busy with school once again, the three winners by popular vote will get to come up with our next challenge! ^_______^

Deadline: Midnight EST time, September 1st.EXTENDED TILL NOVEMBER 30TH.

Current Entries




So with all that info set out, I look forward to new members posting stuff and more spamming of the comm! Well not really spamming but you get what I mean. ^.~ Good luck!

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